Time for Acceleration


And there you have it! Finally I have completed the last of the African Big Five Animals ‘THE LEOPARD’  Rightly named ACCELERATION.

When you think ACCELERATION you may be thinking SPEED, and you would be right however Leopards are not the fastest of the big cats, compared to Cheetahs who can run 50 to 80 mph leopards pale in comparison at a speed of 36mph.

Really ACCELARATION refers to the ability to gain speed in a short amount of time.

Amazingly Leopards are able to reach full speed in just two to three strides which is quite an accomplishment, coupled with the Leopards ability to accelerate they are stealthy, camouflaged hunters, prey just you don’t see a leopard coming until it suddenly appears!

So why am I telling you all this…

I believe we are entering into Divine Acceleration, the sudden shift from one state to another, an Immediate turnaround, life altering suddenly moments that leave lasting change!

What wasn’t, now is. Things hidden now seen, Dead things coming back to Life, Stagnation now Flowing.

The Acceleration | The Suddenly

God is a God of the Acceleration, He moves in the Suddenly, all throughout scripture we see suddenly moments, things were one way and suddenly everything changes!

To mention but a few

We see that The Holy Spirit came suddenly like a mighty rushing wind that came from Heaven in the upper room where Jesus’ followers were sitting, they saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on them and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit. About three thousand were added to the church that day!  Acceleration!!! (Acts 2)

We see how Saul who later became Paul so vehemently persecuted Christians only to become one of the greatest known apostles for Christ as a result of a suddenly moment with Jesus on the road to Damascus (Acts 9).

We see Peter sleeping in chains being awoken by an angel that suddenly appears in his prison cell with him, causing his chains to suddenly fall off of him. (Acts 12)

I do believe we can step into Divine Acceleration, and I also believe we as the Church are entering into Divine Acceleration like never before.

I declare over you today Divine Acceleration, Sudden turn arounds, where there has been stagnation, the river will begin to flow again. I declare where you have felt trapped, stuck, bound, the chains are suddenly coming off! I declare Acceleration of growth in your life, Acceleration in your finances, Acceleration in your work, Acceleration in your family and relationships and Acceleration in your dreams.

May God be glorified always and in all things

Bernice Scheidler


To watch the Time Lapse video of the making of this Oil Painting CLICK HERE

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