Time For Acceleration

  • Time for Acceleration

    And there you have it! Finally I have completed the last of the African Big Five Animals ‘THE LEOPARD’  Rightly named ACCELERATION.


    When you think ACCELERATION you may be thinking SPEED, and you would be right however Leopards are not the fastest of the big cats, compared to Cheetahs who can run 50 to 80 mph leopards pale in comparison at a speed of 36mph.


    Really ACCELARATION refers to the ability to gain speed in a short amount of time.

    Amazingly Leopards are able to reach full speed in just two to three strides which is quite an accomplishment, coupled with the Leopards ability to accelerate they are stealthy, camouflaged hunters, prey just you don’t see a leopard coming until it suddenly appears!


    So why am I telling you all this…